Matthew J Medeiros


My main research interests include:

  1. 1. Evolution of insect flightlessness:  Why did some insects lose the ability to fly, given that fight is often such a useful trait?

  2. 2. Biogeography of the Hawaiian & Pacific Lepidoptera:  How and when did these insects come to colonize such a remote area of the world?  What drove speciation in this group?

  3. 3. Phylogenetics and biodiversity of Lepidoptera:  What are the evolutionary relationships between moth species, and what new species have yet to be discovered and described?

Some of my current projects include:

1.  Teaching at the Urban School of San Francisco.  Classes I teach include biochemistry, biology, genetics, and entomology.

2.  Being visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, working on the phylogeography and documenting the biodiversity of Hawaiian moths.  In particular, I am now focusing on those from the uninhabited island of Kaho’olawe, as well as those from the genus Carposina.  I also work developing strategies for conservation of Hawiian insects.

3.  Acting as a research associate at the Smithsonian (US National Museum), working on a large taxonomic revision of of New World Adelidae moths.

4.  Working on the “Drunken Monkey” hypothesis regarding the evolutionary origin of ethanol consumption.  I work with Robert Dudley of UC Berkeley on this project. 

Ph.D., UC Berkeley.


UC Berkeley

The Urban School of San Francisco

Contact me:

matt.j.medeiros at gmail dot com

photo by B. Ploger